The taste for the uncommon

The Grand Hotel Cocumella is not only one of the most ancient and wonderful hotels in the world: first of all it is a refuge for the soul. Those who want to live every nuance of its atmosphere have to learn to indulge in the sensorial experience evoked by the ancient Convent. Bear in mind these senses are not just the typical five. Not at the Grand Hotel Cocumella, where sound, taste, sight, touch and smell are joined by the waves of history, nature’s vibrations and the invincible power of beauty. To indulge here means to rediscover the potential richness of a harmonic, personal and unique state of being: this is the biggest gift Grand Hotel Cocumella will give you, beyond every comfort, refinement and individual world-class hospitality. In this one-time ambiance the Grand Hotel Cocumella’s guests can benefit from one other privilege: the biological products of its orchards and garden. The biological crops of tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and giant flying pumpkins, aubergines, salads, oranges, cedars, lemons, kiwis, peaches and apricots enhance the Grand Hotel Cocumella buffets in a colorful kaleidoscope of forgotten and unforgettable flavors.
Here quality is excellent and certified: homemade orange, prune and lemon jams, vegetables cooked right after being harvested, the precious natural olive oils and salads concocted by our chefs’ creativity are able to transform the ritual of food in a surprising adventure towards an ancient and healthy taste, one that we almost dare to describe as pure, untainted by time and men. A pleasure so special that will leave our guests with a unique privilege: having truly savoured the flavor - peculiar to the Cocumella - of rare things.
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