Welcome to La Cocumella, a place in the myth

A place in the myth, where every spot has a story to tell or a secret to reveal to the lucky few.
You are at La Cocumella, an island of peace and beauty in the heart of the Sorrentine Peninsula, a shelter beloved by artists, scientists, statesmen and nobles. We welcome you in an embrace of history and timeless legends, splendour and Mediterranean scents. Stroll in the garden, among citrus trees and secular plants, enjoy the sea and the sun of Sorrento from the hotel solarium, dedicate yourself to your well-being between the spa and the swimming pool, delight yourself with the specialties prepared by our chefs: get ready to experience a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Grand Hotel Cocumella, the most ancient 5 star hotel in the Peninsula

This marvelous place reaching the sea, was Residence of the Jesuit priests from 1637 up to 1777, when it became a guesthouse first, and eventually an hotel.
The ancient cloister and the private church, its elegant rooms, the silence of its gardens, the spectacular terrace and suggestive coves that descend to the sea, have all welcomed, during more than 200 years, the most illustrious travelers of the Grand Tour – from Goethe to Mary Shelley to Hans Christian Andersen and Sigmund Freud – and conserve, to this day, the wonders and the precious heritage of the history and art of all times.

Rooms and Suites

The Rooms are all different.
The atmosphere of the ancient Jesuit residence mingle with the Mediterranean style and the standards of contemporary hospitality, ensuring you a stay unique in its kind…


The cuisine of the Grand Hotel Cocumella is eclectic and varied.
Without leaving out the rich tradition of the territory, it keeps always an eye on the new sparks in order to offer you dimensions of experience.


Getting married at Grand Hotel Cocumella means to make come true all the wishes of one of the most important days of a lifetime...

The Tall Ship, Vera 1880

Among the most rare proofs of the ancient North European maritime art, the ketch Vera is now one of the most exclusive and ancient ships sailing the Mediterranean. "Vera" is at guests disposal for day tours in the Bay of Naples and along the Amalfi Coast or it can be rented for short cruises and events.

Life at Grand Hotel Cocumella

The Design Hotel Cocumella is one of a kind. You’ll know it as soon as you cross the doorstep and venture into his park.
In an instant, time will lose the connotation of urgency and the everyday groove will be a vague memory.
You will discover a new time-dimension, closer to the natural beat, closer to the self-care.

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